Grandmother, the Alchemist.

You spun gold out of this hard life,

Conjured beauty out of the things left behind.

Found healing where it did not live.

Discovered the antidote,

In your own kitchen.

Broke the curse,

With your own, two hands.

You passed these instructions down to your daughter,

Who, then, passed it down to her daughter.


Grandmother: “I was served lemons, but I made lemonade.”

Beyoncé, “All Night,” Lemonade

Beyoncé should have won album of the year at the Grammy’s. Jus’ sayin’.

P.S.: Her song, “Sorry,” gave me liiiiiiiiiiiiife!!!!!


Image Credit: Beyonce’s instagram. Although, this pic has been floating around the internet for a whole.

T. M. G.