A Pledge for African People

We are African People! 

We will remember the humanity, glory and suffering of our ancestors and honor the struggles of our elders;

We will strive to bring new values and life to our people;

We will have peace and harmony among us;

We will be loving, sharing and creative;

We will work, study and listen so we may learn; learn so we may teach;

We will cultivate self-reliance;

We will struggle to resurrect and unify our homeland;

We will raise many children for our nation;

We will have discipline, patience, devotion, and courage;

We will live as models to provide direction for our people;

We will be free and self-determining.

We are an African People

Together we will Win! (Pamoja Tutashinda) Composed by Ron Daniels, 1970


Today I went to an event by the Global Afrikan Congress (Nova Scotia Chapter) on reparations for African Nova Scotians. We read this pledge at the beginning of the meeting, and the sense of purpose and unity in the room – as we read it – was palpable. I am reminded of why I came out East for grad school (miles and miles away from family and friends), in moments such as these. After all, part of the reason why I was so excited to come to Nova Scotia (in particular) was because I knew that an indigenous black population exists here, which dates back generations. Having a sense of community is important.

While I won’t share the details of the event, I will say that meetings such as these are mere “rumblings” of things to come. We shouldn’t be surprised if in the International Decade for People of African Descent, reparations for the pain, suffering, and free labour our ancestors were forced to provide in the building up of the West, are forthcoming.

T. M. G.

Source of Pledge: “Claiming Our Contributions: Naming Our Reparations,” Global Afrikan Congress – NS Chapter, February 18th, 2017.

Image Credit: http://www.un.org/en/events/africandescentdecade/logos.shtml