Reflection: Did Remy just 50 Cent Nicki Minaj?

I usually try to be woke. But, this popular culture moment deserves a post. Well, Nicki. You had a great run. You impacted the culture… but RIP Black Barbie. The coffin has been prepared (unless you’re coming back with something real? Like, not Meek Mill “double L” real, but Drake “Back to Back,” real?) You might be able to recover like Ja Rule didn’t. If you don’t, though, there’s still pop, right? “Starships, were meant to FLLLLLLYYYYYYY!”


You say you a gangsta, but you never pop nothin’. We say you a wanksta, and you need to stop frontin’.  – 50 Cent

Anyone who remembers “Wanksta” will remember the burying of Ja Rule’s career that ensued. 50 came after him, time and time again, until – well – let history be the judge.

As a reminder… This was the intro. to “Wanksta”:

50 Cent - Wanksta

Pain. Ful.

Do I think the same will happen to Nicki? (i.e., that her career will get bodied and buried?) No. We know where a lot of her fan base came from. Not from her mixtape days (when I started tuning in), but from her pop stuff. Like, the last 10 songs at the end of her second album, Roman Reloaded (which I happened to buy).

I can’t reproduce all the lyrics to “Shether” in full, because they really are too foul for this medium. But there are parts of what Remy said that are quite Woke:


On 360 Deals in the Music Industry:

You signed a 360 deal through Young Money, Cash Money, through Republic.

Which means your money go through five [gentlemen] before you touch it

Any videos, promotions, come out of your budget.

Endorsements, touring merchandise, they [touch] it,

You make, like 35 cents off of each ducket.

I own my masters [hunny], Independent

So for every sale I do, you gotta do, like ten.

You a  [mother loving] worker, not a boss like Rem.


On Nicki’s Influence on Young Women and Girls:

You pointing fingers at me, I’m the bad girl?

When she the one out here, misleading the black girls?

All these fake [butts] influenced by that girl,

Dying from botched surgeries,

What a sad world.

Before the butt job,

You was a Sponge Bob.


I’m not gonna lie. I’m not Nicki, but I felt this one personally. It hit my spirit. Rem, you are a beast. A monster. You destroyed. Not sure if a resurrection will be forthcoming. But Nicki will continue to make records. These [young ladies] may not be loyal, but the Barbz are.

Image Credit: Remy Ma’s Twitter

T. M. G.