Memorable Moments from Bada$$’s “Land of the Free”

  1. The Children (young, in white, and being taught by Bada$$)
  2. The Flag (American, with the “gang” pattern in white, red, and blue)
  3. The Men and Women of Colour in Chains (wearing black, some with locs, and a Latino)
  4. The Juxtaposition Between Green Pastures and Desert Land
  5. Mentions of Obama and Trump
  6. References to Slavery, White Oppression, and Black Isolation
  7. The Murder of Blacks and People of Colour by “the System” (politicians, police)
  8. Bada$$ Being Untouched by the Bullets (Luke Cage?)
  9. The Burning Cross and the KKK
  10. The Lynching

Watch it.

T. M. G.