The Writer

To be learned in all that is worth while knowing. Not to be crammed with the subject matter of the book or the philosophy of the class room, but to store away in your head such facts as you need for the daily application of life, so that you may the better in all things understand your fellowmen, and interpret your relationship to your Creator.

Many a man was educated outside the school room. It is something you let out, not completely take in. You are part of it, for it is natural; it is dormant simply because you will not develop it, but God creates every man with it knowingly or unknowingly to him who possesses it — that’s the difference. Develop yours and you become as great and full of knowledge as the other fellow without even entering the class room.

Marcus Garvey

Chill DAm

I am a thinker who writes, a philosophy major who researches, about race and sex and class in contemporary North America. Jamaican-born and Bonairian-Canadian raised, like everyone else I am just trying to figure out the world I am in.

My first few years of university led me to think of being racialized as kind of a disease which afflicted only those who found themselves on the wrong side of history (hence, the name of the site. “EPƏ” is meant to represent the “epidermis” i.e., “skin,” and “DĒMĒƏ” a disease. “Skindemics” is the study of the skin… because racial categorizations really are just skin-deep…) As time passed I began to write about it, research it, and whether consciously or not race figured as a topic of discussion in much of my work. Soon enough I was avidly studying it, and became more and more interested in how this malady impacted the lives of those afflicted.

The hunger to know and understand the phenomenon for myself eventually developed into a desire to share what I came across with others. For those who are not academics or writers by profession, and do not have the time to read leisurely about body politics, I wanted to create a space where such ideas could be accessed. Also interested in popular culture, I wanted to create forum where my own criticisms could be put out there and interacted with.

This is it.

And as all philosophers do, I hope that some of the topics covered on this site will encourage heated discussion and debate, wake us from our intellectual slumber and challenge us to wrestle with at least some of the things of life.


Tiffany M. Gordon (T.M.G.)

B. A. Honours, Pols & Phil. (2013); MA Phil. (2016), PhD. Phil (2016 – Present, ongoing)